Hello and Welcome to Ride With Excellence!

My name is Sarah Sanders and I am a longtime horsemanship enthusiast.  Most folks ask me if I ride English or Western, and if I do “Natural Horsemanship.” Well, my riding and training program falls into all of those categories and then some.  This program focuses on the bio-mechanics of the horse and the science behind riding.  I see so many riders and trainers falling into the discipline black hole.  Horses don’t care if it’s English, Western, etc.  The horse just needs specific, consistent instruction from the rider or handler.  All too often I see riders and trainers trying to “fix” a horse, when really the rider is going against the horse’s natural bio mechanics.  To become a better trainer, one must first become a better rider.  The horse can only answer questions as well as the rider can ask.  And let us not forget proper saddle fit (including a balanced ride or flat seat for the rider), shoeing/trimming, nutrition/feeding, good exercise program…WOW!  It takes a lot to successfully ride a horse!  This is how Ride With Excellence was born.  The Ride With Excellence program offers riders the tools they need to handle all of these factors and to successfully ride a horse in their chosen discipline or multiple disciplines.

When a rider understands how all these factors come together they are empowered to communicate effectively with the horse and to get the desired response.  This makes any discipline much easier to master and leads to a successful and fulfilling partnership.  Ride With Excellence sets horse and rider up for success quickly and safely.  The rider will not only avoid personal injury, but understanding the science behind how a horse moves naturally (biomechanics), saddle fit, nutrition, etc… will enable them to keep their horse fit, sound and happy for years to come.  I want riders and their horses to enjoy their relationship and competing together.  I have put together knowledge and tools from top trainers and my extensive experience to create an easy to use, proven program that I whole heartedly believe will permit any rider and horse, in any discipline to excel!