Getting Started

The Ride With Excellence Program caters to the needs of beginner riders and handlers with experienced, well-rounded horses.  The horses used in the lesson program (located at The Riding Center in Freeburg, IL) are safe enough for people who have no experience around horses.  This is a great way for students to learn how to balance and ride the mechanics of the horse.  Once a student learns the basics he or she can successfully move on to a chosen discipline.

What will I learn first?

On the ground

  • How to catch/ lead the horse
  • How to properly groom the horse (brush, pick hooves, etc.)
  • Learn the parts of the equipment (saddle, breast collar, bridle, etc.)
  • How to tack properly
  • Why we use certain tack and equipment
  • How to mount


  • The 9 riding positions/ How to “sit” in a balanced position on the horse
  • How to “sit” in a balanced position on the horse
  • How to hold the reins/ how to guide the horse
  • Walking
  • Trotting
  • Cantering
  • 16 Move Basics


Check out the Lesson Program tab for more information on the program!